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  • As soon as you decide on which package to select, STAR goes to work for you. Follow the instructions and complete your profile information. Once all your information is complete, you'll be asked to give your athletic schedule. STAR Recruiting will then verify this schedule with you. We will set an appointment with one of our professional videographers to film you competing.

    Our videographer will call and email to confirm the appointment. They will also ask you about your profile time. You should allow approximately 30 minutes for this portion of your E-STAR profile. You will be asked basic questions regarding your grade level, GPA, what school you attend, and of course your name and age. If you're being filmed in a competition, just play your best and we'll take care of the rest. If we're filming a skills session, you'll be instructed on what to do.

    In approximately two weeks, you will receive your initial E-STAR recruit package. During this time, you'll be asked to start work on your profile. Upload your most recent report card, any articles or press clippings, as well as your ACT and SAT scores. You'll also need to complete the questionnaire for your STAR Search college matching tool. If you haven't already, now is a good time to review your locker room. The STAR Recruiting locker room is your complete recruiting help area. Once you've entered all your information for your STAR Search college matching tool, you will receive your results.

    Now that we have a list of all the colleges that meet your criteria, we really get moving. Every coach will receive your E-STAR profile directly at their office. We will then track and notify you each time a coach looks at your profile. You will need to keep track of every coach that contacts you. Your locker room will have a section specifically for this.

    After you have narrowed your list to your top five, we will help you in making your final choice. Remember, be realistic about your athletic abilities, work as hard or harder in the classroom as you do at your sport and ask lots of questions. STAR is here to help you every step of the way.

    STAR Recruiting, we're revolutionizing the recruiting process.
  • Coach, you'll be receiving your E-STAR recruit profile sent directly to your office. It will contain a brief video introduction, a short, professionally filmed highlight /skills video, and a file containing all the prospects athletic, academic, and personal information. All of this in a 60-90 second easy to view format that requires no download and plays right on your computer.

    When you sign up for your free membership, you'll be able to search our entire database for athletes that meet your criteria. Athletes may be searched by graduation year, GPA, physical attributes, position, preferred area, ACT/SAT scores, and more. Many of our athletes will have game footage available online for you to review should you like the E-STAR profile.

    After interviewing dozens of college coaches at all levels and sports, we feel we have compiled the best way for you to recruit new athletes to your program. While we know personal contacts can never be replaced, we feel this is a very good option for locating quality student athletes. As always, we welcome your input and are always interested in any improvements or changes to make sure that STAR will be a leader for years to come.
  • Dear parent,

    STAR Recruiting Service is going to be there for your child every step of the way. From the first game filmed to helping with their personal 'E-STAR' profile, to answering any questions, STAR is there to lead the way.

    If your student keeps up their end of the agreement, focusing on grades as well as their athletics, they should find the recruiting process an exciting and rewarding experience.
    While we believe that the chance to participate in college athletics is a once in a lifetime experience, we are also strong believers in the importance of getting your degree.

    Helping your student athlete find the right 'fit' is the most important job that we have, and one we take very seriously. Your student will be prompted to develop and maintain good study habits, stay on track for the colleges of their choice, and work to achieve the top grades and test scores. By doing these things, they will hopefully have more options and be able to find a school that not only gives them an opportunity to continue playing the sport they love, but also have four (or more) of the best years of their lives.

    With our professionally filmed and edited profile, our exclusive E-STAR delivery system, our Locker Room for your students recruiting timeline and questions, and our STAR Search college search tool, we have everything covered.

    We look forward to helping your young man or woman in their college search efforts.

    Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email or call us.

    Coach Chris Swezey, CEO and founder of STAR Recruiting Service LLC
  • Our exclusive STAR SEARCH college search tool allows the student athlete to input a variety of factors to achieve the best possible choices for a college selection.

    Besides the athletic qualifications, the student's intended major, the location of the school, size, setting, academic admission standards, and religious affiliation can all be taken into account. This allows the student to narrow his search to the colleges and universities that are going to be a better fit, as opposed to simply sending out to schools that are really not a good option. Start the search with the right schools and narrow it down to the top five - that's the STAR method.

    When your E-STAR profile is sent out, you can be sure that it's being seen by coaches at schools that meet your individual needs.

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